What’s Your Plan for the Recession?

What’s Your Plan for the Recession?

Bob Wilkening walks sales execs attending a University of Wisconsin workshop thru compensation and organizational strategies geared to improving the effectiveness of the sales force. Two new videos on how to organizational retool and on managing sales force performance in this tough environment are at: www.wilkeningco.com.

It is our experience that many executives have never managed through a market restructuring like that being experienced today. And in fact, many organizations are sloppy, unfocused and high cost, that is, they are FAT. This situation may put their businesses at risk.

What to do? Start to make your organization lean and effective by putting every job in it under a microscope and asking:

  • Why is this job or task needed?
  • Would it be missed?
  • Would customers care if the services it performs did not exist any longer?

Next, prioritize all jobs and tasks in the organization in terms of their importance to the customer (first) and to the functioning of the organization (second). Rank all jobs from highest to lowest. Then, justify why the bottom 25% of the jobs are required for future success and should be retained for the long run.

But DON’T:

  • Cut salaries across the board
  • Fail to make changes in services offered or work done in light of job or staff reductions
  • Resize and re-analyze every six months – do it once and do it right
  • Fail to act

Interested in talking more about how-to’s? Give us a call, or view a four-minute video on this topic at www.wilkeningco.com

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