Did you know…

Did you know……that making seemingly simple changes to long-standing organization or business processes can create significant opportunities for improved productivity?

Over the last 30 years we have redesigned a number of client sales territories to reduce travel time and provide a better focus on key-account contact.  In every case, we have found that the potential for at least 15% more sales calls is possible. This is the equivalent of adding one new sales representative to your sales force for every five you currently employ—at no cost.

Further, we have found that this 15% improvement ratio will almost always hold true with other types of well-reasoned change in organization or work process. It even is present when you start to merely measure performance and activity in areas heretofore considered un-measurable (by humans) or simply exempt from review. I call it “the 15% rule.”

Do 15% gains in employee or functional productivity sound good to you? Then, it could be worth taking a second look in 2012 at how things are done within your organization. Can I guarantee an across-the-board 15% improvement? No, but I will guarantee you have everything to gain.

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