Case Study: Wind Energy

Case Study: Wind Energy

Currently there are over 35,000 large energy-producing wind turbines in the United States with another 3,000 units now under construction. They are those big propeller-like things we currently see plastered all over the TV and newspapers these days. The average turbine being constructed today costs about $4 Million and can supply electric power for about 300-500 average homes—when the wind is blowing.

Recently, Wilkening & Company teamed with Farris & Co., LLC of Tulsa OK to conduct a marketing study for a client who supplies maintenance equipment and services to the wind-power industry. The question to be answered was: How much work (utilizing the client’s products) would be required by all contractors and operators to construct, inspect and repair wind-turbines and structures over the next decade? In other words, what is the size of the market?

To do so, we built an analytical model that identified the various construction, inspection and repair tasks required for both existing and proposed turbines, the frequency of these required tasks and the estimated duration on site to complete the work. This modeling was important because standards for such work were not available or known—prior to our analysis. It allowed our client to size their maintenance fleet and factory manufacturing capacity for the coming 3-5 years. These standards have now been published and are currently used and validated by other industry suppliers.

Who said we are not into the Green Economy?

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