2012 by the Numbers

2012 by the Numbers

2012 forecasts for salary increase budgets show slight increases over the levels actually seen in 2011. Annual pay (salary) structure increases remain unchanged from 2011. These results were reported by five national sources of compensation information. Information and findings reflect all sources combined.

2012 salary-increase budgets are forecast to be .1% higher than the actual amount reported for 2011. Overall salary budgets are forecast to be 2.9% for 2012. Executive salary increase budgets are forecast to be slightly higher than for all employees at 3%. Three percent (3%) budgets—and higher—is a return to those levels seen before 2007.

2012 annual pay (salary) structure increases are forecast to be 2.0% across all employee levels. This is the same structure change actually reported in 2011—and experienced for the past several years.

(We would like to thank Andy Mosko of Organizational Research Forum for his assistance in the preparation of these findings.)

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